Fuzzy Armpit



Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum

DeKuyper's Peach Schnapps

Rose's Lime Juice

Diet 7-Up


You'll want something to drink this out of. Personally, I use cups and glasses. You can use whatever you like. Avoid styrofoam products, though. Please. Styrofoam is BAD.

Put some ice in the container.

Pour some rum in there too. Does that look like too much? Well, drink it down and try again. If you're really anal, you can measure out a jigger (ounce and a half). Personally, I like to pour til it looks right, then add a little more.

Dump some peach schnapps on top of that. Equal portions rum and schnapps works if you have to measure. For my part, about half-again as much schnapps as rum (e.g. a shot of rum to a jigger of schnapps) gives it the flavor I wanted when I invented this one.

Add a little Rose's Lime Juice. This is a good mixer, but very strong. Unless you really like it, I'd just use a good splash on top of the rum and schnapps. Otherwise, your drink will just taste like Rose's Lime Juice.

Now pour a little Diet 7-Up on top of everything else. You could use regular 7-up, but I won't make any guarantees of how that'll taste. But life is short and the night is long... go for it!




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