This 9 point is my nicest buck to date. He was also one of my most rewarding hunts. We'd been seeing this deer's sign for a couple of seasons, and my brother and I talked incessantly about setting him up. I finally did. It was a case where I did everything right, from the tracking and patterning to the placement of my stand. I picked up his rub line, scouted it for a few days until I saw that it was really getting hot, then set up for him in a spot that left me well covered, but opened right up on his trail. The way the area was laid out, I had to set up very close to the trail, which meant I'd have to be well hidden, and quiet. He came right down the trail I'd picked out and stepped into the kill zone at less than 20 yards. I took him with a single shot through the throat. He never even kicked.

I'm still waiting to get into one of the big Eastern California muleys. I also hope to get an opportunity on elk sometime. In the meantime, the memories of hunting this nine point will last me a lifetime.

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