Here's Miriam. We call her Mim for short. She's her daddy's girl!

Mim loves horses!

Click here for Mim's Halloween pix 1998

Halloween 1999

Click here for Mim's ninth birthday pix.

Halloween 1997 - Looking for the Little Prince.

A little princess, no?

My little girl dreams
of dogs and mountains
snowy days
and happy things
She dreams of journeys
to far off places
to see grandma
and her cousins
In her dreams
she rides her pony
and animals talk
But, don't they?
And Baby Bear, Madeline,
Gigi, and Gerald
all travel with her
wherever she goes
Daddy Bear is there
"He's my husband"
She holds his hand
while he drives the car.
Poem by her daddy


1999- Duck hunting at Grizzly Island.

She's my hunting buddy too!

9-10-2000 - Deer hunting, western style in Coalinga, CA.

She loves her pups. This is our yellow lab, Sandy, when Sandy was still kid size.They still cuddle like this, even though the dog is 80lbs now.


Mighty pretty.  Did not get her looks from her daddy.

And here she is in a school picture. A cutie, sure enough.

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