Margarita del tiburon



Tequila (of course, the stronger the better)

Rose's Lime Juice

Diet 7-Up (don't tell the purists, they'll crucify me)

Triple Sec (quality is worth the price here)


Get a glass.  Big glass, little glass, just so long as it's a glass.  A plastic cup is OK, as a fall back.  Dixie cups might add a certain ambience too.   It's really up to you.  Just don't use styrofoam.  Not only will the tequila cause the foam cells to break down, styrofoam sucks for the environment.   DON'T USE IT!!!

Put some ice in the glass.

Pour some tequila into the glass.  Not too much, just enough.  You be the judge.

Pour some triple sec into the glass.  There should be about half-again as much triple sec as tequila. 

Pour in a solid splash of Rose's Lime Juice.  Go light here.  You might even want to measure out a shot (two shots for a REALLY big glass).  Too much will give the drink an overpowering flavor.  If you like that, go for it.

Now top it all off with Diet 7-Up. 




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